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Date Event Location
2017.5th August Solo-Concert China-Luoyang City (Henan province)
2017.6th August Solo-Concert China-Ruzhou City (Henan province)
2017.11st August Guitar Solo Concert China-Honkong, Altamira Honkong International Guitar Symposium
Chen Zhi International Award Winning Student’s Concert
2017.11st November Solo-Concert Germany-Pfullingen
Addrese: Marktstrasse 29, 72793 Pfullingen.
In the past
2017. 31st May Solo Germany- Radevormwald. In Asia Museum
Addrese: Turmhof 8, 42103 Wuppertal.
2017. 8th April Solo-Concert Germany- Radevormwald. In Asia Museum
Addrese: Sieplenbusch 1, 42477 Radevormwald.
2017. 7th April Solo-Concert Germany-Essen Bürgermeisterhaus
2017.11th March Concerto Concert Germany-Wuppertal Immanuelskirche
Concierto op. 30 from Mauro Giuliani with Wuppertaler Kammerorchester
Director: Werner Dickel
2017.20th January Concert-Film music Germany-Wuppertal. Concert hall at HfMT Köln/Wuppertal
2016.20th December CD-Concert Germany-Wuppertal. Concert hall at HfMT Köln/Wuppertal
2016.6th November Solo-Concert Germany-Wuppertal.
2016.30th September-2nd October Lecture and Concert Germany-Mülheim.
2016.25th September Solo-Concert Germany-Aachen.
Celebration Concert of Prof. Tadashi Sasaki’s 50th teaching year in Germany
2016.8th-15th September Solo-Concert Brazil. Three concerts in Ribeirão Preto, Tatuí and São Paulo.
2016.29th July-6th August Master classes and Solo-Concert Germany-Nürtingen. Internationale Gitarren Festspiele Nürtingen
(Concert on 1sth August, 20:00pm)
2016.21st May Solo-Concert Malta. Invited by China Culture Centre.
Address: Robert Samut Hall, Floriana.
2016.16th May Solo-Concert Germany-Koblenz. International Guitar Festival 2016.
2016.10th April Solo-Concert Germany-Schwäbisch Gmünd.
Address: Städtische Musikschule, Kulturbüro und Förderverein.
2016.6th April CD Release Concert Germany-Koblenz.
Address: Galerie Handwerk, Rizzastrasse 24-26, 56068 Koblenz.
2016.22nd March Solo-Concert Germany-Gevelsberg. Guitar Festival Gevelsberg 2016.
2016.19th March Solo-Concert UK-Isle of Skye. Invited by Skye Chamber Music (Gerald Garcia recommends)
2016.10th March Solo-Concert China-Beijing.
2016.27th February Solo-Concert China-Guangzhou. Invited by GuitarEra.
2016.4th-6th January Master classes and Solo-Concert Germany-Reimscheid. Guitar Festival.
2015.8th November Solo-Concert USA-San Francisco.
Invited by Omni Foundation for the Performing Arts.
Address: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 1111 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco.
2015.6th November Solo-Concert USA-New York. Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall.
Invited by D’Addario.
2015.30th September Graduation Concert of Master Germany-Wuppertal. Concert hall at HfMT Köln/Wuppertal
2015.July CD-Recording Germany-Wuppertal.
Recording my first CD “Besondere Begegnung” at HfMT Köln/Wuppertal.