Born in the city of Kunming, the Yunnan province in China. She started to learn classical guitar when she was a child and immediately fell in love with this charming instrument. She began to study with Professor Chen Zhi, the leading guitar professor in China at the age of 11.

She enrolled in the Middle School affiliated to Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, and was recommended for admission to the Central Conservatory of Music of China after finishing the Chinese National College Entrance (similar to Abitur in Germany) in 2009.

After graduating, she completed her Master of Music degree in Germany in Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln/Wuppertal in 2015 with Professor Alfred Eickholt where she is currently completing her concert exam (performance diploma) in 2017. Before starting her Bachelor studies, she had already showed her young talent and won some awards, including the third prize in “the Christopher Parkening International Youth Guitar Competition of America”, the second prize in “the 10th Vienna International Youth Guitar Competition”, and the second prize in “the Youth Division of GFA International Guitar Competition” in USA.

Recently she continues to achieve more success. In 2014, she won together with singer Manon Blanc-Delsalle (France) the second prize in 13. Wuppertaler Musikwettbewerb “Gitarre plus X” (in March, for all studying music students in the state NRW in Germany). Then she won two first prizes for solo, “International Twents Gitaar Concours” in Netherlands (in June) and “Internationaler Gitarrenwettbewerb Nürtingen” in Germany (in August).
In 2015, she won the first prize in “15. Internationalen Gitarrenwettbewerb Gevelsberg” (in March) and in “Koblenz International Guitar Competition ‘Hubert Käppel’” (in May) in Germany.999
She recieved master classes with many famous and important guitarists or teachers all over the world and received high praises from Manuel Barrueco, Costas Cotsiolis, Aniello Desiderio, Marcin Dylla, Zoran Dukic, Eliot Fisks, Dale Kavanagh, Hubert Käppel, Thomas Kirchhoff, Michael Lewin, Thomas Müller-Pering, Alvaro Pierri, Konrad Ragossnig, Pepe Romero, David Russell, Tadashi Sasaki, Pavel Steidl, Roman Viazovskiy etc.
As a performing artist, she has played solo and quartet in many concerts across China and other countries in Asia, USA and Europe.
She performed Solo Recitals at Carnegie Hall in New York and San Francisco in November 2015. She furthermore performed the Joaquin Rodrigo’s “Concerto de Aranjuez” with the European Union Youth Orchestra in the Europe Day of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. And other concerts as a member of the "Beijing Angels Quartet". They performed also a concert in 7th International Competition for Young Guitarists «Andrés Segovia» in Velbert, Germany in June of 2012.
Now she is a critically acclaimed internationally renowned soloist but also plays in different chamber music combinations.

My first CD 'Besondere Begegnung' (2016)


2017.5th August Solo-Concert China-Luoyang City (Henan province)
2017.6th August Solo-Concert China-Ruzhou City (Henan province)
2017.11st August Guitar Solo Concert China-Honkong, Altamira Honkong International Guitar Symposium Chen Zhi International Award Winning Student’s Concert
2017.11st November Solo-Concert Germany-Pfullingen Addrese: Marktstrasse 29, 72793 Pfullingen.

My lovely guitar and I, traveling on our music life~


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